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Happy New Year to all!


I've been playing at the Hurley's in Kanata every Thursday for the last few months. I try to grab a friend to  help me out for each occasion and this month has been a ton of fun with  Michel Goyette and Mitch Mainville guesting in.


Join us when you have a chance. Always a great atmosphere, great food and great entertainment. Not too many places in Ottawa with Live Music anymore. Love it while you can!


On December 27th Mitch Mainville and I duoed The British Hotel in Aylmer. Beanie Boys Rock!

Due to the less-than-optimal weather, the Avant-Garde performance was cancelled.  We're hoping to reschedule another date.

On December 31st, the band and I performed at the Nelson Street Pub in Pembroke for their New Year Celebration.... These folks know how to party!

Big Shout Out to Corey for the invite.

Beginning of a new year and it looks like it will be another busy one.  Stay safe one and all.

Mitch 'Beanie Boy' Mainville and I are at Hurley's in Kanata for our  fancy-toque encore presentation. Dreadlocks are optional.

On January 4th, the band and I will be back in downtown Pembroke at the Lasso Saloon. The biggest little Country venue in the valley.


On January 10th, I'll be at The British Hotel again to stretch out the old vocal chords. The boys in the band will be bringing the big sound on the 25th when we're all on stage. Be a 'bloke' and join use for a pint! 


Stay tuned to find out who will be my January guests at Hurley's every Thursday. Don't ya just love the suspense...


Sing Out for CHEO Event on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Lone Star Loft at St. Laurent.

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n December, I was in the studio working on two new songs. 

I'll let you know soon as to when they will be released.

Please help out by spreading the word about our Sing Out for CHEO fundraising event.  We are working hard to promote this event and we need all the support we can get.

Join us on Saturday, February 22nd where all profits go to the CHEO Foundation.

Only $10 per ticket.  You can buy your tickets online.  See the Sing Out for CHEO link below.

The 4th Annual Sing Out for CHEO event will be held Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 at the Lone Star loft on St Laurent.


Don't forget our Artists/Band Competition.  Make sure to share the information with your friends and family.  

The Sing Out for CHEO event is all about the kids and I'm proud to be their ambassador again this year. Come out and help us raise money for one of Ottawa's greatest gems. Where would we be without CHEO???