It's time to get your Irish on! 

Aye, we're all a wee bit green on St. Paddy's Day.


February was all about Sing Out for CHEO.  A great event and we made $6,000 to donate to the CHEO Foundation.  Marychelle and I thank all that participated and all who contributed.

A special thank you to my MOM who planned and organized this event to all the volunteers who helped out at the event.

As you may know this is a family friendly fundraising event, so the majority of the volunteers are family.  Special thank you to my cousins, Nathalie and Karley, for their devotion to the cause.

Also, to Marguerite Born for being our greatest advocate for the event.  Once again she went above and beyond in her pursuit of support.

Thank you to all volunteers and sponsors that participated, without you this event would not be possible.  

Thanks to the folks at the Lone Star Loft on St. Laurent. They are Professional in every way. We're always in good hands when dealing with these guys. 

Thank you to Hoss, Rory Gardiner and my band members; Mitch, Vincent and Taylor who all  volunteered their time and talent to the cause. 

Thanks to our trio of MCs, Sophie Moroz and Jeff Hopper from Pure Country 94 and Tim Tierney, Ottawa Councillor and auctioneer extraordinaire.

Thanks to our passionate Speakers, Chantal Charbonneau from the CHEO Foundation, Hendrik Pape from Sound Check Entertainment and Tim Tierney.

Big thank you to our sponsors: Roy Dental, Kiwanis Club of Orleans, Oktoberfest Ladysmith, Gloucester Chiropractic, Judy Nails, Novotel, Les Suites, and many many more (see Sing Out for CHEO website for all of our sponsors).

Thank you to Dawn Neilly for reaching out for sponsors for the silent auction, her donations gifts for our volunteers and for coming out and being a volunteer.


Thank you to Gabrielle Landry, 2019 Sing Out for CHEO first place artist competition, for bravely stepping up onto the stage again to join me in singing "Be Brave for Me" with me, which was released at midnight at the event.

Congratulations to Khloe Bertrand who is the 2020 Sing Out for CHEO artist competition winner and a huge shout out to Tolene Mehdi and Elizabeth Jones who also participated in the competition. It takes a lot of nerve to stand before a bunch of strangers and to sing something you wrote. You all have a rare and special gift and we thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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On February 10th, we were in the studio for CTV Live Morning Show to promote Sing Out for CHEO and to introduce my new single "Be Brave for Me". I even had the opportunity to meet up again with Gord Bamford.  The last time I saw him was at his show in Calgary.

Hope to see all of you next year at the Lone Star Loft at St. Laurent on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

On February 22nd, I released my new single called "Be Brave for Me" written for Sing Out for CHEO event.  It is now on Spotify.


In the near future we will be back on the stage to film a video for this song with Freedom Music from Toronto.

My new single "Lovey Dovey Eyes" is now out on  Spotify, AppleMusic,  Googleplaymusic  

and CD Baby:

On February 28th and 29th, the band and I were at the Lasso in Pembroke to help raise money for the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation.


As you know, each Thursday, I am at Hurley's in Kanata. I always have a  special guest, join us every Thursday...


On March 7th (band), 17th (band  St. Patrick's Day) and on the 20th (duo) I will be at the British Pub in Aylmer.

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On March 28, I will be at the Tabou Pub in Victoriaville pour une journée Country.  This should be a blast....


It looks like 2020 will be a busy year!

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